Wattled was featured recently in the book

The memorial will be dedicated on setembre 11 during a ceremony for victims families. It opens to the public the following day. NOTICE OF Adoption OF RESOLUTION NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Board of Education of the Albuquerque Municipal School District No. 12, BERNALILLO AND SANDOVAL Counties, NEW MEXICO, $ 39,670,000 GENERAL obligation REFUNDING Bonds, SÈRIES 2012, TO provide FUNDS TO Refund THE ALBUQUERQUE MUNICIPAL SCHOOL DISTRICT NO. 12, BERNALILLO AND SANDOVAL Counties, GENERAL obligation Bonds, SÈRIES 2004, SÈRIES 2005, SÈRIES 2006C IN FULL, THAT ARE Payable FROM AD VALOREM TAXES LEVIED ON ALL Taxable PROPERTY WITHIN THE DISTRICT WITHOUT Limitation AS TO RATE OR amount; Providing FOR THE FORM, TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF THE Bonds, THE MANNER OF their EXECUTION, AND THE METHOD OF, AND SECURITY FOR, PAYMENT; AND providing FOR OTHER DETAILS Concerning THE Bonds.

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