Meet the Costa Brava, especially around Cala Montjoi, its Festivities, Tours, Natural Parks

Discover the Costa Brava

Unique festivals within walking distance of Cala Montjoi

Something that is never missing when you stay in Cala Montjoi is fun. From dawn to late at night you can enjoy unique activities designed to entertain the whole family. Laughter is assured! The best of all is that, on your trip to Cala Montjoi, you can take advantage of its location […]

Figueres: city of art and culture

In the vicinity of Cala Montjoi you can discover places with numerous attractions that can make each trip an unforgettable adventure. For all tastes and ages, there is always a new destination waiting to surprise you. Today we invite you to visit the city of Figueres, one of the most interesting and outstanding towns of [...]

Discover the charms of Peralada Castle: an authentic historical luxury

In the vicinity of Cala Montjoi you can find interesting places that combine nature and architecture. The excursions not only allow you to enjoy the beautiful landscapes, they also offer activities that entertain young and old alike. On this occasion we invite you to visit an imposing building just 40 minutes from Cala Montjoi, it is the Castle [...]

Travel to the past with the Greco-Roman ruins of Empúries

When you stay in Cala Montjoi you can perform activities as varied as entertaining. The best of all is that each one has its appeal for both children and adults, and you do not need to go far to enjoy them. Today we want to invite you to visit the Greco-Roman ruins of Empúries, located at a scarce hour from Cala Montjoi. The […]

Discover the Cap de Creus

The Natural Park of Cap de Creus located in the northeast corner of Catalonia, about 25 kilometers south of the French border, has an area of ​​190 square kilometers of outstanding natural beauty. This is an area hard hit by major forest fires, the last in the year 2000, and [...]

Cadaqués Costa Brava

A 20km of Roses. Picturesque seaside town. To visit: Salvador Dali House Museum (Portlligat), Pierrot Moore Museum, Municipal Museum of Art and the Church of Santa Maria with a beautiful Baroque altarpiece (S XVIII)

Castrillo Trinidad Rosas Costa Brava
Castle of La Trinidad - Roses

It is a military construction dating from the sixteenth century, specifically the year 1.544, built under the reign of Emperor Charles I. A building with history, which is worth a visit !!!

Ciutadella Roses Costa Brava
Citadel - Roses

Essential visit in Rosas. It is an artistic historical set of the year 1.961, which includes remnants of different ages and occupations. The inner surface is just over 13 hectares, and fortification with monumental Puerta del Mar, is of Renaissance style and was built in 1.543. We recommend visiting this fortification [...]

Castle Peralada Costa Brava
Festival of Perelada

A 15km of Roses. To visit: Romanesque cloister of St. Domènec (S XII) and the Peralada Castle Museum, which includes: the Library; the convent of Carmen with the church and Gothic cloister; the Wine Museum and the Perelada Castle itself, now a casino. In summer on the [...]

Ruins of Empuries Costa Brava
Archaeological Museum of Empúries

A 30km of Roses. Near the sea, lies this extraordinary archaeological site (575 BC). To visit: the remains of the Greek colony of Emporion and the Roman city of Emporiae, the medieval village of St. Martí d'Empúries and Monograph Museum